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Luxsol Nexus50

Made Form Quality Poly/Paulownia

Poly/Paulownia Shutters




Nexus means to connect two or more things. Nexus50 is the perfect connection of organic sustainable plantation timber and next generation Poly100, for the ultimate in insulation and moisture resistance. One of the limitations of existing PVC products is weight, which dictates how wide individual panels can be made.

Many suppliers make panels far too wide for the weight and strength of the product, leading to the panel sagging and excessive strain on hinges. Some suppliers specify their panels will drop once they open past the window opening! Would you accept your front door doing that? We minimised the instance of this by reducing the weight problem, by only using Poly100 for the frames. We then use lightweight premium plantation timber for the louvres.

Luxsol Nexus50 is about 15% lighter than Poly100, giving you the perfect option for a point of difference and a better strength-to-weight ratio than PVC. Nexus50 solves the problem of moisture laying on window sills from condensation and then being absorbed up into the frame and breaking down the timber or paint coating. A common problem with shutters! Nexus50 provides the perfect solution of water-resistant frames, with the superior thermal and acoustic properties of Paulownia louvres. 

The benefit of using Paulownia wood in window furnishings is that it is lightweight yet strong and is durable. This makes it ideal for use in shutters, as it can withstand constant exposure to sunlight and weather conditions without warping or cracking. Additionally, Paulownia wood is known for its excellent insulation properties, which can help to reduce energy costs and improve the overall comfort of a room. This can be especially beneficial in areas with extreme temperatures, as Paulownia wood can help to keep a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter

If you haven’t considered a combination product previously, it could be time to have a look at Luxsol’s Nexus50. It gives you a point of difference and is a huge benefit to consumers. Nexus50 can be matched to other shutters in the Luxsol range. An environmentally beneficial product using, less synthetic material and using sustainable timber.

For more information, see the post on our blog:  Luxsol’s Launches Nexus50.



Luxsol uses only the highest quality, safety-tested materials available and will never use illegally logged timber.


We ensure that no part of our supply chain uses unethical practices like slavery or abuse of workers and their rights.


One of the largest shutter manufacturers globally, with 25 years supplying the US, Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Asia.

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