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Mortise and tenon joinery is a traditional method of connecting two pieces of wood together in a strong and durable manner. This type of joinery has been used for centuries in furniture making and construction and is still widely used today due to its many benefits.

Traditionally PVC shutters have been manufactured using a screw to hold the stile to the rail. The limitation of this method is that shutters can sag due to the weight of PVC over time. The main benefit of using mortise and tenon joinery is its strength and durability. 

The mortise and tenon joint creates a tight fit between the two pieces of material, which prevents them from separating or coming loose over time. This makes it the perfect joining method used in furniture that is subject to heavy use or stress.


A mortise and tenon join is best made with precision CNC machinery for accuracy and longevity. Luxsol uses mortise and tenon joinery in all of its shutter ranges, including Australian Made Poly100AU. Mortise and tenon joinery is an accurate, reliable and effective method that ensures your shutters will last for years to come.




Luxsol uses only the highest quality, safety-tested materials available and will never use illegally logged timber.


We ensure that no part of our supply chain uses unethical practices like slavery or abuse of workers and their rights.


One of the largest shutter manufacturers globally, with 25 years supplying the US, Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Asia.

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