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Computer Numerical Control

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery is a type of technology that allows for the automation of manufacturing processes. This technology is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. There are several benefits to using CNC machinery, including increased precision, efficiency, and cost savings.

Luxsol uses CNC machinery in its shutter manufacturing. CNC machines are programmed to follow a specific set of instructions, which ensures that each part is produced to the exact specifications. This level of ensures that the final product is of the highest quality and meets the required quality standards.

Because the CNC machinery is automated, they can work continuously without the need for human intervention. This reduces the chances of human error, accidents and increases the overall speed of the manufacturing process. This increased efficiency can result in a faster turnaround time for products, which is especially beneficial for customers with tight deadlines.


CNC machines are designed to last for a long time, which means that they can be used for many years without the need for costly repairs or replacements.

In conclusion, CNC machinery offers many benefits to customers with their precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process. This technology is an essential tool for modern manufacturing. CNC machinery is a technology that is driving the growth of Luxsol and will continue to be an important tool allowing for scaling and growth in the future.




Luxsol uses only the highest quality, safety-tested materials available and will never use illegally logged timber.


We ensure that no part of our supply chain uses unethical practices like slavery or abuse of workers and their rights.


One of the largest shutter manufacturers globally, with 25 years supplying the US, Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Asia.

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