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Professional Sampling

Luxsol’s job is to help you succeed selling in home, which is why we’ve come up with fantastic sampling. The stand alone Poly100AU sample bag allows you to take one bag in home for your Australian Made option. We back this up with a comprehensive shutter case showing an array of frame options with a sample panel included for the other shutter ranges. To keep you on trend Luxsol has released their 2023 colour selection in a handy colour swatch.

Australian Made


Luxsol’s Poly100AU has set the standard in build quality and lead time. Poy100AU is a REACH tested Australian Made Poly100 PVC and is totally safe for indoor use. The PVC material is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-carcinogenic. 

It does not off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other hazardous chemicals, making it a safe choice. The material is also fire-retardant, great insulation properties, water and mildew resistant, ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas with moisture.

Wider Panels


The biggest problem when timber is used for window furnishings is water. Nexus50 is Luxsol’s hybrid solution where a wider panel is required and there is the likelihood of moisture getting in the window or there is a condensation problem. Most shutter materials are moisture inappropriate and best avoided in these situations.

Nexus50 has the benefit of reducing the weight of the product and minimising the risk of moisture ingress. With the use of Poly100 synthetic material framing and for peace of mind Poly100 has been REACH tested and is shown to meet and exceed Australian standards for VOC emissions. Many PVC products are over-specified to try and replace timber due to its lower price point. 

This compromises the performance of the shutter due to the weight of PVC with panels dropping when opened. Nexus50 uses Paulownia timber for the louvres, which is a lightweight hardwood timber. With its very high strength-to-weight ratio, Paulownia is an exceptionally stable material. Nexus50, with the timber being water-resistant (not waterproof) and the frame using Poly100 is the perfect hybrid product.

Organic Timber


Real wood, 100% organic, environmentally friendly and sustainable using the most proven furniture grade timber, Basswood. Basswood is the timber, which is the proven and most used hardwood, plantation timber shutters are made from.

Over 20% lighter than Poly100 and therefore able to provide wider panels and the ultimate window furniture. The timber is reverse grain engineered for stability and yield, which means less waste. The timber is kiln dried in a humidity controlled environment to meet strict moisture content specifications to suit the Australian environment and to provide the most stable shutter available in the market.

Paulownia Wood


Introducing Luxsol’s Durawood100 made from 100% Paulownia wood. Paulownia Wood is a fast growing and hightly sustainable hardwood species. It is lightweight yet durable timber and has become popular for its strength, beautiful grain and resistance to decay. 

Paulownia has great water resistant qualities, lately being used for surfboard manufacture as well as a lightweight but strong window furnishings. From its unique aesthetic to its eco-friendly production, Paulownia Wood is an ideal choice for shutter applications.

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