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Luxsol Poly100 AU

Australian Made Craftsmanship.

Australian Made Shutters




By choosing to buy from an Australian manufacturer, you are supporting local jobs and businesses, and helping to keep money circulating within the local community.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Australian-made shutters is their durability. These shutters are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, making them a great choice for homes in both urban and rural areas. They are resistant to warping, cracking and fading, ensuring they will look great for years to come.

If you’re looking for high-quality, stylish and energy-efficient shutters for your home, Australian-made shutters are an excellent choice. With a wide range of design options, durable materials and energy-efficient features, these shutters will provide you with years of satisfaction.

A key environmental concern about most PVC products is the source of PVC resin. Poly100 uses Ethylene in our formulation, which is preferred over the acetylene carbide resins.

REACH, or the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, is a European Union regulation that ensures the safety of chemical substances used in products sold within the EU. Only Poly100 and Poly100AU have been REACH tested. This insures products are safe for use and and fit for purpose, offering peace of mind for consumers and the environment.

To insure consistency we use the same advanced Poly100 formula as our imported product. Next generation Poly without all the nasties that most PVC products contain and the added benefit of a shorter lead time. We can provide shutters in Sydney from our modern factory, saving up to 6-8 weeks in lead time. This means you can get your shutters on to windows faster.

Luxsol Poly100 is formulated for high UV exposure as Australia’s UV is significantly harsher than other countries and regions. Poly100 contains no lead or cadmium heat stabilisers (REACH compliant formulation). This means Poly100 has a higher titanium dioxide concentration, which prevents product yellowing due to UV exposure.

We manufacture using advanced CNC machinery for precision and our shutter technicians have many years experience. One of the main benefits of using CNC machinery is increased precision. CNC machines are programmed to follow a specific set of instructions, which ensures that each part is produced to the exact specifications. This level of precision is essential for many industries, as it ensures that the final product is of the highest quality and meets the required standards.

With a choice of frames for easy installation in the most popular colour and louvre size, Luxsol has created the perfect product to provide the quickest lead time and kept things simple. If you want customisation check out the other Luxsol product range, where we can offer custom colour, shapes and a multitude of options.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality Australian Made shutter at the best value.



Luxsol uses only the highest quality, safety-tested materials available and will never use illegally logged timber.


We ensure that no part of our supply chain uses unethical practices like slavery or abuse of workers and their rights.


One of the largest shutter manufacturers globally, with 25 years supplying the US, Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Asia.

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