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How much do plantation shutters cost?

The price of shutters depends very much on the material, the type of frame used, what the shutters are being attached to and whether a tracking system is required. It is important to choose a company that has a product offering that gives choices and provides the best value for money available.

Look for retailers who work directly with the factory. Luxsol’s distributors work directly with the factory to give consumers factory direct pricing. By not having to purchase through a third party it saves consumers money by avoiding unnecessary costs. Consumers get the best value for money available with the expertise of an authorised distributor providing an in-home consultation, measuring and installation service.

Most warranties do not cover if you leave a window open and your shutters get wet. This is an issue that can compromise timber, particularly the paint finish. Luxsol’s Poly100 is a cost effective, great value choice with a selection of colours to match any decor.

A great option if you are looking for wider panels than traditional PVC, is a hybrid solution. Nexus50 is a product using Poly100 frames with sustainable timber louvres. The louvres are made from Paulownia sometimes called Phoenixwood, which is able to provide wider panel spans than Poly100 due to the strength to weight of the timber and the best thermal and sound insulation.

Paulownia has a pleasing visible grain and comes in a choice of painted colours. A great value for money point of difference. The ultimate timber used in Plantation Shutters is Basswood. Luxsol’s Woodland100 is made from Basswood, which is a sustainable furniture grade hardwood timber with a tight grain structure and able to provide wider panel spans. It is the ultimate solution with a finish that is able to be painted or stained.

Luxsol has over 20 years of experience manufacturing quality shutters, and offers InvisibleTilt, the completely concealed louvre tilt mechanism, which eliminates the metal connecting bar. So how much do plantation shutters cost? Call a Luxsol distributor now, they will be happy to provide a no-obligation design consultation and help you choose the right product for your home.

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Melinda Pan

Luxsol’s launches Durawood100. The best value for money timber shutter anywhere.

The trend over recent years is for retailers and salespeople to promote the lowest priced product. The thinking is that consumers want the cheapest quote, so PVC is presented along with claims of great thermal performance. Whilst putting PVC shutters on windows does provide insulation, PVC does not outperform timber. This is where Luxsol see a great opportunity with the release of Durawood100 being a 100% timber product.

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Steve Payne

Thermal Benefits of Shutters and Blinds

Shutters and blinds are window coverings that provide both aesthetic and functional benefits to any home or office space. They not only offer privacy and light control, but they also provide thermal benefits that can have a significant impact on energy costs for heating and cooling. In this article, we will discuss the thermal benefits of shutters and blinds and their impact on energy costs.

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Cassie Yang

Poly100AU Australian-Made Shutters by Luxsol

Luxsol opened their Sydney office early this year, which provided the shutter market an alternative to the lengthy delays being experienced with imported shutters. Shutters can take anything up to 14 weeks to arrive from some overseas suppliers. Luxsol provides an Australian Made alternative with a 3-week lead time (ex-works Sydney) and has managed to maintain this lead time even through their sustained growth.

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Megan Wu

Luxsol Launches Nexus50

It is well known that Plantation shutters are an investment in your home. The proven benefits of shutters are, adding value to a property, reducing energy costs, reducing allergy impacts, updating the look and feel of a home and improving its street appeal.

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Megan Wu

Luxsol, promoting Australian Made shutters

Imported shutters have been the mainstay of the Australian market for over 20 years. The imported offering has become more and more refined and offered generally a very good quality, simplified system compared to what was available.

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