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Luxsol, promoting Australian Made shutters

Imported shutters have been the mainstay of the Australian market for over 20 years. The imported offering has become more and more refined and offered generally very good quality, simplified system compared to what was available. Previously retailers had to make their own deductions, specify panel sizes, how many hinges, etc to a system the market has now become used to. One where everything is included in an easy-to-use metre square price. 

The advent of imported shutters also signalled an acceptance of an increased lead time to the market, which had been around 4 weeks to the imported model of 6 weeks. This signalled the decline in locally made shutter production.

Due to ongoing supply chain challenges and the fluctuation in exchange rates, the wheel has finally turned to make the locally made products far more attractive. With the lessons learned in simplifying the shutter offering, Luxsol has developed a shutter system that is easy to learn, is all inclusive of frames using a metre square price and most importantly provides a product to the market that can be manufactured quickly.

As announced last month in Window Furnishing Magazine, Luxsol set up their new shutter manufacturing facility in Sydney to service the local market. The brand may not be well known to many in the industry, but the overseas parent company has been manufacturing shutters for over 20 years, a pedigree few companies can demonstrate.

Retailers now have a real choice, wait 8-12 weeks for their imported product or potentially have shutters in windows within 3 weeks. With the sped-up nature of consumer decision-making, locally made shutters should now be front of mind for shutter retailers. When consumers make a decision they want the solution as quickly as possible. With Luxsol in Sydney that is now a possibility.

To give retailers peace of mind, Luxsol has also become a member of the Vinyl Council of Australia to operate in the safest most sustainable way possible. They have had their Poly100 product independently tested to international REACH standards, (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) which is the highest internationally recognised standard testing for evidence of VOCs and passed easily.

Not many companies test their products due to potential adverse findings and the cost. Luxsol felt this was an important statement to make to the market, one that shows Luxsol takes its responsibility seriously to provide safe products. The aim of REACH is to: “Provide protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals standards”. Luxsol has a commitment to operate ethically, sustainably and provide products to internationally recognised standards.

Luxsol can satisfy all other shutter requirements too as they also supply an impressive range of imported products, including Woodland100 timber; Nexus50 hybrid and Poly100 synthetic. All at the best value for money in the market.

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